Newark Visitor Center | Newark, New Jersey

This visitor center in the City of Newark, New Jersey is an urban park that links the transforming riverfront district to the commercial business district and the Iron Bound section, the historical and cultural “heart” of Newark. The park is conceived as an arching bridge whose space beneath is a gathering place for year round events capable of hosting a wide range of seasonal activities like fireworks displays in the summer, ice skating in the winter, flea marketing in the fall and concerts in the spring. A heroic arching lawn is the new identity for the city. The arch form reminds us of a gateway portal and recalls the heritage of Newark as the ‘gateway’ city during its 19th century industrial prowess. The bridge recalls a series of bridges over Newark’s Passaic River that links this once industrial giant to New York and beyond. From the apex of the arching lawn one can see the skyline of New York City and be reminded of the inextricable relationship between these two great metropolitan centers.