Illuminating Benevolence | United States Peace Corp Commemorative Work | Washington D.C.

United States Peace Corp Commemorative Work is a glass lantern of optimism that expresses America’s good will at work in the world through the endeavors of the Peace Corps. The lantern is composed of hundreds of glass tubes that support a cantilevered shelter overhead. These tubes represent the contributions of both the individual and the collective in achieving real and lasting peace. As they grow in number so does the support they provide. By day, each glass tube funnels daylight from an oculus above down its shaft creating a commemorative that is a physical representation of a shining hope for peace. In the evening each glass tube will be illuminated by concealed LED lighting from below. Each side of the triangular-shaped lantern represents one of the goals of the Peace Corp: training; understanding America and understanding others. In a world that is fatigued by war and terrorism, injustice and inequality, hatred and misunderstanding, the glowing beacon at the base of Capitol Hill is a destination to recall America’s gift in the world…benevolence, empathy and opportunity.